Well, I mean we didn’t instantly become obsessed with Pickleball or anything like that. I mean who does that!?!

Ok ,who are we kidding, we were instantly obsessed and committed for life! Aren't you?!?

After falling in love with the sport and wanting everyone and their mothers (Pickleball teachers) to play with us, we wanted to represent our true commitment to the sport…. and well obviously women want to look their best in the Kitchen right! So what were we to do!?!?!?

We set off to find the perfect accessories for our brand new Pickleball, not tennis, outfits…. But not all jewelry is created equal you guys! Sorry Folks, we are not going to lose a diamond on the court and our Sterling silver can’t handle a little bit of sweat.

Omg, Becky (actually Jen)! Thats it! We need waterproof-durable jewelry that won’t tarnish and can take a hit when Chad (actually Andy) over there is smashing the balls at us!

And that’s how The Dainty Dinker was created! The End!

"I hope you get to do something that brings you joy this weekend. For me, joy + play = Pickleball. I’m obsessed and try to play four to five times a week. The court might be the only place in the world where I’m fully in the now."- Brene Brown