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The Cross Court Cuff - Pickleball Bracelet

The Cross Court Cuff - Pickleball Bracelet

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The Cross Court Cuff – a distinctive open cuff bracelet that effortlessly adorns your wrist like a bangle, meticulously crafted in 18k gold PVD stainless steel. This exquisite piece of jewelry boasts an 8mm hollow pickleball on one side and an 8mm sandblasted paddle on the other, making it the perfect accessory for dedicated pickleball enthusiasts.

Material: 18k gold PVD enhanced Stainless Steel 

Measurements: 8mm ball and 8mm x 15mm paddle. Non adjustable, wears like a bangle.

Care: Recommended as a fashion piece. This particular piece is not suitable for active wear. Always take extra care when storing sandblasted jewelry as they are prone to scratching.

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